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Your Submission Dashboard will automatically link to the last completed tab of the submission process- in this case, for a recently submitted article, the first "Submission" tab. The last stage completed for each submission will be marked by a dark pink line on the top of the tab. 

We will go over the "Submission", "Review", "Copyediting", and "Production" tabs in more detail as we walk through the editing process. On this page, we will look at the top blue menu bar that will be available throughout the submission and editing process. 


2. Metadata

When you select "Metadata" on the top blue menu of the submission dashboard, you will be presented with the current metadata on file for that submission. Here, you can view or alter the section this submission is categorized under, the title, and abstract.


You will see the current list of contributors below, and be given the option to add new contributors or change the primary contact for this submission if necessary. You can also add a cover image for this specific article. Finally, you will see the submitting author's responses to your required metadata fields. Keywords and References should be present and also filled out completely- if either of these two are missing or incomplete, you'll want to contact the author for that information. Any other metadata fields can be enabled or disabled at the Submission Guidelines section of your website.

If you select the "Identifiers" tab within this Metadata pop-up window, you can view or add a unique web identifier for this article's eventual webpage on your public journal website. 


3. Editorial History

By selecting the "Editorial History" tab of the top blue menu, you can view the history and any notes about the submission.

You can also click the "Notes" tab within this window to just view notes left by other editors and managers, and add one yourself.


Submission Library
Submission Library

4. Submission Library

The Submission Library can hold any separate files you may want your authors, reviewers, editors, or other users to consult. Every user within the system has access to this library during the submission process, and it can be used to store important documents and policies that don't fit easily into the various text boxes available throughout OJS. Feel free to use this feature as much a=aS or as little as you please.