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For detailed information on current and previous versions of Avalon, please see the Releases page on Github.

Avalon 7.2 (


October 2020)

  • Supplemental file supportFile Support
    • Any file (transcripts, PDF documents, images, etc.) can be uploaded as a supplemental file for users to download and view. The list of files Files can be associated with an item or a specific section.
  • Item Merge
    • "Merge" is a new option for Managers and Administrators in the Selected Items screen. This action combines all currently selected items into a single item that contains the set of all sections from the source items.
  • Access Description Panel
    • A panel now appears below the descriptive metadata panel that displays the current access restrictions present on the item and section .

Avalon 7.3 (Winter 2020)

  • Improved support for Google Analytics and Matomo
  • Transcript Display Support
    • Transcript documentsare documents able to be viewed alongside media content (closed captions support already present in the Avalon player)
    • Standard file types such DOCX and WebVTT supported for transcripts