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  • About 
    • Video indexer builds upon media AI technologies to make it easier to extract insights from videos. Forms of content discovery such as searching for spoken words, faces, characters, and emotions.
    • Azure Video Indexer produces a number of data points relating to a video, but this tool is focused on video OCR Azure Video OCR utilizes the results produced by Azure Video Indexer, including the main indexer file and the video OCR artifacts, and generates the standard AMP Video OCR JSON.
    • It has been added as a tool on AMP's Galaxy and performs video OCR on the input videos.
    • The output produced by this tool is a JSON consisting of the text and the corresponding bounding box information on each frame in the input.
  • Source Code
    • galaxy/tools/videoamp_toolsvocr/azure_video_indexerocr.xml : This is the configuration file that details the tools usage, its inputs, outputs, version, and other things.
    • galaxy/tools/videoamp_toolsvocr/ : This is a python wrapper to submit the video to Azure Video Indexer, check the status, retrieve the output, and convert it to AMP's schema.  generated AMP Video OCR JSON based on Azure Video indexer JSON and Video OCR Artifacts JSON output from Azure Video Indexer.
    • galaxy/tools/amp_json_schema/ :   Classes used to construct AMP Video OCR json output.
  • Running 
      • output_from_azure: The output JSON directly from Azure.
      • The tool can be invoked from Galaxy UI as other tools. User needs to supply Azure account information and as well as input data in the form of a video file.
    • Parameters
      • Input File: the video file to be passed through the OCR.
      • Account ID: Azure Video Indexer account ID
      • API Key: Azure Video Indexer API key
      • Location: The region video is stored in Azure (Trial, US EAST 2, US WEST 2)
      • output_amp_ocr_schema: The standardized Video OCR Schema , it needs be used as the next MGM taking outputs from Azure Video Indexer with the include_ocr flag set to true. 
    • Parameters
      • input_video:  The same input video file used by Azure Video Indexer
      • azure_video_index: Azure Video Index JSON output from Azure Video Indexer
      • azure_artifact_ocr: Azure Artifact OCR JSON output from Azure Video Indexer
    • Outputs
      • amp_vocr: The standardized AMP Video OCR JSON