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This guide explains AMP's frontend front-end features and functionality, and additionally explains how to navigate the user interface. It is designed for users of AMP: collection managers, catalogers, or any other person using the platform. Presently, the guide reflects AMP as it currently exists in its pilot stage; it is very likely that some of this information will change over time.


As many of the workflow steps are routed to either a local (to IU's Carbonate computing cluster) or cloud-based (Amazon Web Services, Azure) machine to undergo processing via the selected machine learning algorithm, it can occasionally take some time for a file to start processing, since it is sharing resources with many other jobs in a queue. Do not worry if this is the case, and a step is in Scheduled for a while. This is especially the case with workflow steps sent to Carbonate, as it can occasionally take a few hours depending on what is ahead of it in Carbonate's queue. If a step fails, it will turn red and the status indicator will say "Error." All subsequent steps will then be set to "Paused," in orange. As with items failing to be submitted to a workflow, please let the dev team know if this occurs, as they can figure out precisely what went wrong.


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The Deliverables page allows users to toggle whether or not a given output is placed in an export bag to be delivered to another system. Presently, the only feature is toggling individual completed workflow steps to be delivered. As at this point in the pilot stage, AMP does not have any system to deliver metadata to, this feature does not have much functionality. However, it will play a very important role in the final product.