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In order to complete registration, you will be asked to agree to our privacy statement and subscribe to notifications for this journal. You can also request to assign yourself the role of reviewer at this stage. all three of these check boxes are optional, and you can register regardless of your answer. 

Journal registration check boxes.Image Modified

If you select the  "Register" on the upper right corner of the list of all IU Open Journals, you will be able to assign yourself roles for multiple journals at once. Select the boxes and finish registration to request the roles for each journal. 


If you are unclear about your role in a journal, or wish to request different roles at any other time, you can access these check boxes once again from your profile page. Select "View Profile" under your username to access your profile and view/select your roles. 

User menu options.Image Modified

You will be directed to your Profile page. Select the Roles tab to view what roles you currently have with a journal, and check the boxes to request new roles. Select the blue "Register with other journals" box to request roles in different journals. 

Roles tab.Image Modified

Once you are registered, you can navigate back to the "Submissions" page of your journal's homepage.