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Infrastructure (very rough):
[{Image src='arch.jpg' width='20099%' align='center'}]
The goal of the Infrastructure Project is to simplify and centralize the basic activities of the DLP, with a focus on the activities of collection creation and collection maintenance.

We are currently starting to plan the [infrastructureprojectschedule].

It is useful to have an understanding of the existing [DLPcollections].

The major areas of concern for the Infrastructure Project are:
* The central [digital object repository|digitalrepositoryarchitecture]
* [Delivery systems|deliverysystemrequirements]
* [Presentation systems|presentationsystemrequirements]
* [Ingestion systems|ingestionsystemrequirements]
* [Cataloging systems|catalogingsystemrequirements]
* [Documentaryphotographcollections]
* [Artimagecollections]
* [Multi-page/Text document collections|Multipagedocumentcollections]
* [Federatedsearch]
* [Surrounding technologies|RepositorySurroundingTechnologies].

We may also expand the project to include:
* Finding aids
* Web sites