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  • MODS and Asset Actions Workshop Agenda

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  1. Introduction to MODS guidelines (5 minutes) (Jenn Riley)
  2. Introduction to Asset Actions (15 minutes) (Jon Dunn)
    • Asset Actions concept
    • Current status
    • Action groups
    • Relationship to OAI-ORE (Tim Cole)
  3. Introduce hands-on exercises and the MODS/Asset Actions Explorer tool (Jenn Riley, Jon Dunn, Tom Habing)
  4. Hands-on work with MODS and Asset Actions (~50 minutes)
  5. Wrapup discussion (Jenn Riley, facilitator)
    • Participants report on challenges
    • Questions
    • Future of Asset Actions

Presentation Slides

Aquifer MODS AA workshop.ppt

MODS Guidelines

Background materials