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To do

  • Look for integrity checking info
  • Write up what info we need from MDSS
  • Write up discussion questions for infrastructure meeting


  • (tick) Mission Statement (A1.1)
    • "reflects a commitment to the long-term retention of, management of, and access to digital information on behalf of depositors"
      • DLP: The Indiana University Digital Library Program (DLP) is dedicated to the production, maintenance, delivery, and preservation of a wide range of high-quality networked information resources for scholars and students at Indiana University and elsewhere. The program supports efforts to provide open access to electronic information resources to the Indiana University community and beyond. The Digital Library Program is a collaborative effort of the Indiana University Libraries, the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology, and the university research faculty with leadership from the School of Library and Information Science and the School of Informatics. This collaboration capitalizes on the institutional capabilities of this university, focusing university resources on digital library services and projects that support the teaching and research of IU faculty, support the learning and research of IU students, and foster research about the digital library.
      • DLP: Strategic Area #12: Enhance preservation of digital collections and metadata:
        • Develop plans to insure the preservation of created digital content and metadata
        • Lead efforts to implement these plans
        • Explore and test methods of digital preservation
      • MDSS: The Distributed Storage Services Group (DSSG) provides a scalable, network accessible, standards-based storage infrastructure to support teaching, research, and administrative computing. Storage services at IU consist of a global file system for data sharing and storage for general research purposes, and the Massive Data Storage System (MDSS), used to store vast amounts of archival or near line data on a hierarchy of storage media.
    • accessible to depositors and other stakeholders