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  • "Authoritative" Identifiers – These are the identifiers we use to unambiguously refer to objects. Whenever possible, their use should be preferred over other types of identifiers. They are always:
    • shortItemID (Hoh001.001.0001)
      • These are used in master/non-derived metadata sources, like EAD.
      • These form the first part of filenames.
      • In an "item-level" PURL, these appear after the final slash.
      • These are unique within a single collection within IU.
    • collectionID (lilly/hohenberger)
      • Portion of the PURL that uniquely identifies the collection
      • Does not begin or end with a slash, but may have slashes in the middle.
    • unitID (lilly)
      • Any prefix on the PURL up to the last slash in the "collectionID"
    • collectionName (hohenberger)
      • A shortened form of the collectionID (still unique, but not as clear for human readers) that identifies the collection within an application (often used in situations where slashes are not allowed).
    • fullItemID (/lilly/hohenberger/Hoh001.001.0001)
      • Created from the collectionID and the shortItemID
      • Must begin with a slash
      • These are used in all derived metadata.
      • These are used internally for all objects.
      • These are unique within IU.
    • PURL (
      • Concatenation of the purlBase and the fullItemID
      • These are used as external references.
      • These are globally unique.
  • Fedora Indentifiers
    • PID (iudl:3413)
    • Fedora URI (info:fedora/iudl:3413)
    • In an attept to minimize the number of identifiers we support, we try to only use Fedora identifiers in internal processes, and do not publish them for public consumption.