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All access to this data from the IngestTool is in edu.indiana.dlib.server.ingestTool.IngestDB.
Password information is in
A creation script is in cvs:/infrastructure/oracleCreateScript.sql

Database Layout:


  • IngestRecords – This is the main table. Each ingest request will return a new row in this table, which will have a single state, a set of events, and a set of items.
  • IngestStates – This defines the possible current states for the ingestions.
  • IngestEvents – This defines the events that have occurred on an ingestion.
  • IngestEventTypes – This defines the possible event types for the events.
  • IngestItems – This defines the items which have been operated on for an ingestion.
  • Currently not supported
  • IngestItemState – This defines the possible states for the ingest items.
  • Currently not supported