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  • DLF Fall Forum 2008 Workshop on MODS and Asset Actions

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The DLF Aquifer Metadata Working Group has created guidelines for using the Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) effectively when preparing metadata for use in aggregations. The Technology Working Group has been a primary force behind the development of Asset Actions, a standardized, easy-to-implement mechanism for exposing behaviors across a class of digital objects. Both developments enhance a digital library user's ability to find, identify, use, and re-use digital objects. This 90 minute hands-on workshop will assist participants in preparing Asset Actions for items in their collections, help participants improve the shareability and conformance to the Aquifer MODS Guidelines of their MODS records, and/or effectively map metadata from other formats into MODS optimized for aggregation. Members of the DLF Aquifer working groups that developed the standards will demonstrate and be on hand to assist participants. Bring a laptop with an XML editor of your choice, the knowledge and capability to transform XML documents using XSLT, and records for items from your repository that you want to experiment with. At the end of the session, participants should better understand what a best practice-based implementation of Asset Actions or MODS for their collections should look like, and be able to plan for implementing this understanding in their repository.

Workshop Agenda

Preparing for the MODS portion of the workshop