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ICO Cataloger/Photocat provides a record status, "pending review," which facilitates metadata quality control at the record-level, especially if you employ a two-pronged approach to metadata creation:basic description followed by subject analysis. ICO Cataloger/Photocat also provides efficient ways to review data entry by browsing values entered by field. Batch functionality discussed above provides quick ways to update values.  For For example, it is not uncommon to catch typos or variant name entries that should be standardized.  corrected or standardized. When needing to update more than one record, the batch functionality discussed above provides quick ways to update values:

  1. Initiate a "Batch replace/remove" for the incorrect term (i.e., For General Contractor, for "W. E. Wood Company," 8 records)
    1. In the Search and Replace screen, replace W. E. Wood Company with W. E. Wood Co.
    2. Click "Replace/Remove Values" 
      1. Right-top of screen you will see a status for batch "Operations." The % update is not working so refresh will require a refresh to the "Browse" page in a few second to make sure all records were updated.  
      2. Once updated you should see a message (after you refresh the browser): "Items updated as part of search and replace operation." [with number of items in brackets]  
      3. Be paranoid every so often and browse by subject to make sure the batch update worked!
      4. Conduct one "batch replace" at a time or you may encounter an error in ICO Cataloger/Photocat
        1. Make sure all records have been updated  before initiating another batch updateIf you follow step iii every time, this will both ensure your updates worked and will prevent ICO Cataloger from "breaking"