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Requirements the final repository must accomodate:

  1. Wiki Markup\[*Must*\] The repository is able to store/search/deliver both text-centric and
    image-centric collections.
  2. Wiki Markup\[*Want*\] Audio and video objects can be stored/delivered.
  3. Wiki Markup\[*Want*\] Arbitrary document types (PowerPoint files, music notation files, etc.)
    can be stored/delivered.
  4. Wiki Markup\[*Must*\] All metadata stored in the repository conforms to (or is easily exportable
    to) a widely-recognized standard format.
  5. Wiki Markup\[*Want*\] A wide variety of standard metadata formats can be stored, including MARCXML, DC,
    METS, and VRA Core.
  6. Wiki Markup\[*Want*\] Metadata about a single object can be transformed into multiple formats.
  7. Wiki Markup\[*May want*\] "Exceptions" to metadata transformations can be stored, either as full records in
    an alternate format, or as single fields that override the transformed version.
  8. Wiki Markup\[*Must*\] It is possible to add custom fields to existing metadata schemas. Wiki Markup
  9. \[*Must*\] It is possible to use completely arbitrary metadata schemas.
  10. Wiki Markup\[*Must*\] [Preservation|Preservation Policies] is addressed, preferably in a way that is compatible with [OAIS|], preferably checking file integrity using checksums, and preferably using an automatic connection to HPSS.
  11. Wiki Markup\[*High Want*\] The repository system is based on open-source software, so we don't have to depend on someone else to add features we need.
  12. Wiki Markup\[*Must*\] The repository is able to manage data at many levels of granularity. Wiki Markup
  13. \[*Must*\] Access privileges to materials in the repository can be managed at many levels of granularity.
  14. Wiki Markup\[*Must*\] There is a facility for searching across all collections held by the repository.
  15. Wiki Markup\[*Must*\] External search systems can be easily connected to the repository, in order to deal with specialized search fields.
  16. Wiki Markup\[*Must*\] Metadata about multiple versions of files can be maintained, including master and delivery versions.
  17. Wiki Markup\[*Want*\] Repository materials (both media and metadata) can be easily accessed by course management systems, including Oncourse CL.
  18. Wiki Markup\[*May Want*\] "Certification" according to the standards described in the [October 2005 RLG DigiNews|]

Open questions

  1. Will we include collection-level information in the repository? This includes things like the web sites that host collections, and the timeline of Cushman's life.