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  1. the facets that were calculated (probably mirroring all categories in the order requested)
  2. the facet values for each facet that had at least one hit in the search result set (constrained by the limit set in the request)
  3. the number of hits for each facet value in the result set
  4. Wiki Markupthe cql query clause that must be ANDed with the original query in order to search for the hits for the given facet value (this can simply be derived "\[facetField\]=\[facetValue\]")
  5. A normalized version of the requested facet parameters, to prevent the client from having to maintain that state, and to show what default paging parameters were applied by the server (in the even that they weren't specified).



Parameter Name


<ac:structured-macro ac:name="unmigrated-wiki-markup" ac:schema-version="1" ac:macro-id="75803196-dbdc-49ab-8617-69cc7a8d0665"><ac:plain-text-body><![CDATA[

Value syntax

[facetName1],[maxValueCount],[offset] [facetName2],[maxValueCount],[offset] ]


The maxValueCount and offset are optional paging parameters. If excluded, the server decides the paging rules which will be explicitly listed in the response.

Example value

dc.format,10, dc.subject,10,10


A request for all of the represented dc.format values, the first 10 represented values and the second page (of length 10) of the dc.subject values represented in the search results. (Sort order for paging is left up to the server, but is generally expected to be alphabetical. If sort order is a problem, the client always has the option to request all values, and handle sorting and paging at their end.

Example response

Code Block
<extraResponseData xmlns:ns4="">
  <ns5:facetInformation xmlns=""
    <ns5:field name="dc.format">
      <ns5:value hits="14421">35mm slide</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="14421">image/jpeg</ns5:value>
    <ns5:field name="">
      <ns5:value hits="26">1938-09</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="1">1938-09-01</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="5">1938-09-03</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="4">1938-09-04</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="1">1938-09-09</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="16">1938-09-10</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="7">1938-09-17</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="3">1938-09-18</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="3">1938-09-21</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="6">1938-09-22</ns5:value>
    <ns5:field name="dc.subject">
      <ns5:value hits="1">Abraham Grapheus</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="2">Abutments</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="19">Acacia</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="15">Acadia National Park (Me.)</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="1">Acanthi</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="2">Acanthopanax ricinifolius</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="1">Acanthus mollis</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="36">Accidents</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="1">Accordions</ns5:value>
      <ns5:value hits="1">Accreted terrain</ns5:value>
      <ns5:originalRequest>dc.format,10 dc.subject,10,10</ns5:originalRequest>
        <ns5:facet maxValues="-1" name="dc.format" offset="0"/>
        <ns5:facet maxValues="10" name="" offset="0"/>
        <ns5:facet maxValues="10" name="dc.subject" offset="10"/>