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OAI Static Repository Gateway

To any potential Aquifer collection providers who were holding out because they did not have an OAI data provider: here is your chance to participate.

If you would like to add your static repository just issue an initiate request: _here

The gateway will validate your repository and email you with some confirmation instructions. For details on how initiate works refer to the OAI Static Repository specification:

Also for anyone who would like to host their own OAI Static Gateway Service the code is open source and can be downloaded from the UIUC OAI Metadata Harvesting Project SourceForge site. The code is available from the SourceForge SVN or as a ZIP file:

The DLF Aquifer Metadata Working Group has produced the following documentation for sharing within the digital library community. The Working Group welcomes comments on this documentation. Comments and questions can be sent to any Working Group member.