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Avalon groups manager

Avalon groups manager lives under /admin. Only users in the group admin_policy_object_editor can access this page. Groups are stored in config/role_mapper_[environment].xml 

One can use RoleControls (lib/role_controls.rb) to add/remove groups or add/remove/mass assign users to a group. RoleControls uses RoleMapper from the hydra-access-controls gem.

[This needs be updated for R2 to reflect the new groups]



CAS (Central Authentication Service) is a single-sign on service that is run at IU and other institutions.    Indiana's implementation of Avalon currently uses CAS for login.  Notes on this implementation can be found here: at CAS implementation notes


Matterhorn modules


Processing pipeline


Files are sent to different workflows depending on their types. For example, video is sent to the workflow defined in felix/etc/workflows/Avalon.xml. This file contains operations that will be applied to a video file, including encoding, generating thumbnails, extracting audio and distributing.

More information

Matterhorn-engage-streaming app

Is a Red5 webapp that contains the files to be streamed and delivers streaming information to the Engage player.

Avalon distributing module


Rubyhorn is a ruby gem that wraps Matterhorn's web services.  Rubyhorn is used to send files to Matterhorn and get information out of it.




MediaElement replaces the Engage player is a Flash/Javascript hybrid player split into a gem called avalon-engage. It is included in Avalon by inserting partial modules/video_player from the gem. It needs to provide a locals hash with 3 properties e.g. locals: {stream:, mimetype: 'video/x-flv', mediapackaged_id: @video_asset.mediapackage_id}

Engage is dependent on Matterhorn and uses mediapackage_id to pulls information about the streaming video from there.

in R2 of the Avalon platform. 

Streaming servers


Red5 is a default reference implementation for testing Avalon functionality. Additional support is provided for Adobe Media Server, which will be the production service at Indiana University and Northwestern University.