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  • Research Topics and Resources for History of the IU Libraries

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titleBackground Info

The topics and resources identified in this document stem from notes taken during our 3/25 seminar session on Research Methods led by Catherine Minter.

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Books & Articles

History of IU Libraries:

  • Mildred Hawksworth Lowell, Indiana University Libraries, 1829-1942 (Chicago, 1957). Dissertation providing in-depth coverage of the history of the IU Libraries up to 1942. Location: Carrel 10-2A
  • William Albert Alexander, History of the Indiana University Library, January 20, 1820 to February 22, 1937 (unpublished typescript). Location: Digitization queue
  • Thomas D. Clark, "Building Libraries in the Early Ohio Valley," The Journal of Library History 6, no.2 (1971): 101-19. Article by historian touching on the earliest history of the IU Libraries. Available through JSTOR.

History of Indiana University:

  • Thomas D. Clark, Indiana University: Midwestern Pioneer, 4 vols. (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1970-77). Most recent and most comprehensive history of the university; volume 4 includes historical documents. Location: Carrel 10-2A
  • James A. Woodburn, History of Indiana University, 2 vols. (Bloomington: Indiana University, 1940). History of the university to 1937 by IU professor. Location: Carrel 10-2A (vol. 1 only) 
  • Theophilus Wylie, ed. Indiana University (Indianapolis: Burford, 1890). History of the university to 1890 by IU's first librarian. Location: Carrel 10-2A
  • James Capshew’s Wells biography – to be added, if desired
  • On being lucky, by Herman B Wells – to be added, if desired

Academic libraries in North America:

  • Arthur T. Hamlin, The University Library in the United States: Its Origins and Development (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1981). Useful broad overview. Location: Carrel 10-2A
  • Louis Shores, Origins of the American College Library, 1638-1800 (New York: Barnes & Noble, 1935). Location: Carrel 10-2A

Library architecture:

  • David Kaser writings (on library architecture) – to be added
  • Brian Keith in Geology (for limestone history) – to be added

Supplementary Primary Sources 

IU Archives

Tidbits from our IU Archives orientation session.

  • Very small fraction of collection represented on Archives Onlinecontact Dina or Carrie Schwier with research and reference questions
  • The IUL Newsletter in the Archives (helps to fill the gaps of the run in the stacks, which we will be digitizing)
  • The Indiana University Catalogs (published annually) make for a good resource for tracking library locations (esp.  branches) over time including hours of operation, etc.

Research Topics

  • Changing mission of the library if that can be determined

  • Different campus libraries

  • Development of technology within the libraries

  • Development of collection development

  • Development of public services

    • Instruction

  • Use policies

  • Feature deans and leaders of the libraries

  • Feature the physical spaces

  • Naming of the library

  • Faculty status for librarians

  • Track research guides to “hot topics” of the times, approaches to content at certain periods of time