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titleYield block for titles
<p><%= content_for :title do %>Search results for params[:q].sanitize<% end %></p>

Custom stylesheets

Since Avalon is built on top of uses Twitter Bootstrap, customizing and the interface to match your own theme is very straightforward. Within the file app/assets/stylesheets/branding.css.sass you can override any default Bootstrap variables. Since it will respect your defaults they wil be used when calculating the color schemes, grid sizes, and other places throughout the front end.

----From Brendan--- 

Avalon uses Twitter Bootstrap (, Hydra (, Blacklight ( and custom Sass styles for its presentation. Stylesheets can be found in the app > assets > stylesheets directorySASS precompiler to build dynamic stylesheets. Along with default Hydra and Blacklight styles there are customized overrides. Local stylesheets can be found in app/assets/stylesheets.

Edit the branding.css.scss to customize the presentation or override default styles per your needs. Styles in branding.css.scc set variables that are used in other stylesheets and to override default Bootstrap and Blacklight styles. All stylesheets are imported into application.scss, which prefers branding.css.scss over the others.