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titleUpgrade Red5
# 1. Stop Red5
$ service red5 stop
# 2. Switch to red5 directory
$ cd /usr/local/red5
# 3. Install updated avalon webapp
$ cd webapps/avalon
$ wget --no-check-certificate -O WEB-INF/lib/red5-avalon.jar
$ wget --no-check-certificate -O WEB-INF/
$ wget --no-check-certificate -O WEB-INF/red5-web.xml
$ wget --no-check-certificate -O META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
$ chmod -R a+x META-INF WEB-INF

# 4.Configure serverUrl to point to localhost
$ perl -pi -e 's/#avalon\.serverUrl=http:\/\/www\.example\.edu\/avalon\//avalon\.serverUrl=http:\/\/localhost/' WEB-INF/

# 5. Restart Red5
$ service red5 start
Code Block
titleRestart Delayed Job
cd /var/www/avalon/current
RAILS_ENV="production" bundle exec rake delayed_job:stop
RAILS_ENV="production" bundle exec rake delayed_job:start

If you are using Adobe Media Server for your streaming server, see Updating AMS for Avalon 4.0.