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Multiple people can catalog items in the same collection at the same time as long as they do not alter the same record. A record can only be edited by one person at a time. If multiple catalogers accidentally edit the same records, they will encounter an error when attempting to save.  

Item Preview

On the right side of the page there will be an item preview box containing a visual representation of the item whose metadata is currently being edited. If alternate views or formats are available links to access them will be presented in this preview box.  Administrators for a collection will have access to the digital master image.  

Manage Files

Deleting/Replacing Images

If you wish to replace an image already attached to a record, you must have administrative privileges for your collection.  To delete/replace an image, click on the "manage files" link in the Item Preview box.  You will be presented with an option to delete the existing image (click on link labeled "Delete").   Once the file has been deleted, you will be redirected to the "Edit View" of the record with an option to upload a new file.  

Adding Multiple Images per Record 

*If* your collection was setup to allow for the uploading of multiple images per record, you will be able to do this in the "manage files" section. Under the heading "Upload Images" you should see an option to upload additional image files.  ICO Cataloger currently does not allow for re-ordering of images.  If you would like the images to appear in some pre-defined order, you can do this manually by uploading last the images you want to appear first.  

Uploading Files

Files can take anywhere between two minutes to fifteen minutes to upload depending on the level of activity for all users of ICO Cataloger.  You will see a status message that reads: "File submitted at Oct 5, 2016, awaiting processing." You can continue to upload files and edit metadata, but you should check back at some point to make sure your file was indeed loaded.  



Record updates will fail if you are updating the same records as part of multiple batch operations. For example, you create a batch update to normalize a subject heading, and you create another batch update to normalize personal names. If a given record is part of both batches, and the batches are executed right after the other, you may encounter an error. When running multiple batch operations, especially across a large number of records, you should execute one batch update at a time.

Quality Control for Metadata

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