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You'll want to set skip_completed and overwrite to true. Refer to the logic here

Code Block
bundle exec rake avalon:migrate:repo overwrite=true skip_completed=true CONFIRM=yes
Code Block
    def migration_required?(pid, klass, method=:migrate)
      status_report = MigrationStatus.find_by(source_class: klass, f3_pid: pid, datastream: nil)
      status_report.nil? ||
        (status_report.status != 'completed' && status_report.status != 'waiting' && method == :migrate) ||
        (status_report.status != 'completed' && method == :second_pass) ||
        (!skip_completed? && overwrite?)

Rerunning the migration to fix failed objects

Once the migration is running, it is best to let it fully finish before attempting to rerun failed objects.  The migration should fail objects that are missing parent or child objects.  Once the migration is finished running, a list of the failed object ids can be collected into a file by running this command: