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When you run the migration in the command line, you can see a broad view of how much progress has been made for each Class. Notice the last line is called the "indicates a second pass ". I'll explain that more later. for Migrating MediaObject. The second pass is necessary to associate master files with media objects and get them ordered properly.

Command Options

OptionExplanationExample Usage

Default Value

CONFIRMRequired in order to prevent accidental executionCONFIRM=yes 
pidsA comma separated list of Avalon 5.x Fedora 3 pids to migratepids=avalon:1,avalon:2,avalon:3 
pidfilePath to a filename containing one Avalon 5.x Fedora 3 pid per linepidfile=/path/to/pidfile


parallel_processesNumber of parallel processes the migration tool should useparallel_processes=4number of processors - 2
overwriteDetermines whether: existing Fedora 4 objects should be kept, cleaned out, and reused (overwrite=true); or new objects should be created even if matching migrated objects already exist (overwrite=false)overwrite=truefalse


Potential Problems

First read the Migration Report and Results to determine what objects failed migration and why.