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Selecting "Edit Email" under the name of the prepared email template will provide you with a summary of the email's content and technical aspects. No matter your permission level, you will be unable to alter the "Email Key" of your email, as this allows your Site Administrator to decide when and where this template should be sent. You are free to edit the subject line of the email and the base contact, but it is recommeneded that you did not mess with encoded content- the material that appears with "{$}" surrounding it. These are managed by the Site Administrator to make sure each email has accurate information according to the time, relevant issue, and title of the recipient. If you accidentally edit these templates in a way that disturbs these functions, you can reset to the default template by selecting wither the "Reset" option underneath the prepared email template's name or selecting the pink "Reset All Templates" button in the far right corner of the entire box. Most of these defaults templates should meet your needs, and unless you are absolutely certain your alteration will not alter the encoding, edit with the help of the Site Administrator, Richard Higgins. 

Once "Add Email Template" is selected from the right-hand corner of the "Prepared Email Templates" box, the pop-up window will resemble the window provided for editing a default email template devoid of all text. If you wish to create a new email template, please contact the Open Access Publishing Manager for details and help encoding the various elements.