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  • VAB7399: I'm working on editing this one.  There's a weird mini table of contents on the title page (pdf pg. 3).  I used a table to try to get it to format correctly.  I know this is kind of abusing TEI, but is this okay?  --Rebecca
    • I'll try and have a look but Angela might have to instead. --Michelle
  • VAB7399: Should I tag titles like "Macbeth" and "Romeo and Juliet" that appear in the text with <title>?  (The book is critical essays on Shakespeare's plays).  Also, original encoder used <hi rend="uc"> to denote larger font.  Is that correct?  --Rebecca
    • Yes, and use @level as well. The VWWP Encoding Guidelines state this: When using the {{<title>} element in the text (as opposed to the TEI Header), be sure to use the level attribute when ever possible. The TEI provides values such as "m" for monographs, "a" for analytic (which would be used for a journal article, for instance), etc. Upper case means UPPER CASE so if it's already displaying as such the rend value is redundant and unncessary. --Michelle
  • VAB8048:  Having a problem with some Greek in the footnote on page 19 of the pdf.  There are many diacritics used to indicate how a vowel is pronounced in classical Greek, as the inverted breve and smooth breathing.  Should I be using HTML entities and Unicode to accurately represent these?  That seems to be the only way to do it accurately. For reference, I'm using the codes for them found here: --Thom
  • VAB8056: I have a pretty extensive index on this one.  The guidelines say to encode lists within lists for indexes.  This is not possible.  <list> cannot contain <list>.  I think it would be possible to just treat each line of the index as an <item> (even if it is a subheading).  Also, the index is two columns.  Is there a way to do this or should I just treat it as one column?  I think the list within a list issue is also a problem on Emily's old file VAB7403. --Rebecca
  • VAB1828: I am getting an error message when I try to list Alexander, M. as a <author type="pseudonym"> under <fileDesc>. --Mary
    • Weird.  I need to try.  I should have something for you by Monday (when you are back from DHSI.  --Michelle
  • VAB8048: This text has continuous references to different figures throughout the text, some pages apart without giving a page number but just a figure number, so I thought it would be pertinent to have < ref > tags pointing to the respective page when a figure is referenced.  I set them up as such: < ref target="#VAB8048-054" >.  However, when I previewed my document, attempting to use those links to jump to that page didn't work.  Is there another way I should be setting the target for these, or should I not worry about including such < ref > tags at all? - Thom
  • VAB8048: I have several places in my text (on pp. 24, 27, 28, 29, 30) where there is quote that is presented as a block quote that needs to be either indented or centered on the page.  I wrap them in either < said > or < hi > tags and used a rend attribute of "blockquote," but that seemed to do nothing for the formatting of them; I have also attempted to using that rend attribute in conjunction with both "center" and "indent," as well as "center" and "indent" by themselves, all to no avail.  However, the "center" and "indent" attributes have been working for me when I use them in the < head > tag.  What do I need to correct to get these to display the correct text alignment?  And on a related note, is there a way (outside of lists) to show that something is indented farther from the margin than "indent" does on its own? - Thom
    • Hi Thom.  Lots going on here.  Please move on (comment out the chunk in question) and I'll try and post recommendations tomorrow if not by Monday.  – Michelle
  • VAB8048: On page 44 I have a footnote that cuts off and continues at the beginning of the footnotes on page 45.  Should I move the portion of it on page 45 into the note on page 44 so it's one complete foot note on that page? - Thom
    • We have a solution that may not yet be in the encoding guidelines. I'm on my phone putting babies to sleep so once I get to a laptop I will post the encoding instructions. --Michelle
    • Turns out I had already updated the guidelines back when so here's the info: VWWP TEI P5 Encoding Guidelines#notes (under the heading: Notes that Span Pages). --Michelle
  • VAB8048: In this text the author sometimes has blockquotes of poetry.  These blockquotes are left-aligned, but indented from the margin of the regular text, which does not appear to be for poetic effect, but because they are blockquotes.  Thus, I'm wondering if I should be using rend="ti-1" on the < l > tags, or if the rend="blockquote" on the < said > tags wrapping the < lg > tags is sufficient?  An example of this can be found on p. 24 of the text. Oh, and I just realized the poem blockquote on p. 29 is indented even further than the previous poem, so it seems as if it would require rend="ti-2" for some reason.  Don't know if that makes a difference. - Thom

  • VAB6985: On page 77, the author references and quotes a poem by Hannah More, a real person at the time. However, the author does not cite the source of the quote so I'm unsure about any further information about Hannah More's poem. I'm led to believe that I should attribute this to her in some way, but I am unsure how I would go about doing this. Google confirms that Hannah More does have a poem that contains the lines that are referenced. I'm wondering how I would encode this. – Andrew U