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  • Transferring Your Journal to IUScholarWorks

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  1. Former agreement with past publisher


This page will walk through what information and files IU Open Access Journals team will require from your journal to properly transfer you to our platform. 

Before transferring your journal, there are several potential copyright concerns to consider:

  1. Who owns copyright to your previously published articles? 
  2. What is your previous contract or MOU with your former publisher? 
  3. What is your journal's current copyright policy? Before we make your new journal website public, our program requires a completed, fully open access copyright policy to provide potential authors and readers. 

Back Issues

Please provide us with the number of previous volumes, issues, and articles you would like moved to your new journal website. The volume of this content may affect the amount of time before your new website goes live. 

Migrating Content

If you are joining our platform after previously being hosted on a BePress or Digital Commons supported website, our platform, Open Journal Ssytems, provides a plugin to automatically transfer your journal content:

This plugin requires:

  • an Author user that should be used as the default account for imported articles
  • an Editor user that should be assigned to imported articles

If you have a technical support at your previous publisher, please provide us with their contact information so we can ensure this automatic transfer goes smoothly. 


If your journal has been registering DOIs, you may need to transfer your previous DOIs to our CrossRef account. Please let us know if you would like DOIs tran