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You can choose not to send an email to the reviewer by checking the box directly below the text of the email. The deadlines listed under "Important Dates" should coincide with default deadlines you set in the Review Guidelines, but you can change them for special circumstances here. Reviewers must respond to the review request by the Response Due Date and have at least one review done and submitted into the system by Review Due Date. You will then select the review type: double-blind (authors and reviewers will be unable to see each other's identities), blind (the author will not know their reviewer) or open (all parties know each other's identities/usernames). Make sure to keep your journal review policy consistent. 

Here is how your reviewer box will appear after After you have sent a review request, your reviewer box will display the reviewer's name with the phrase “request sent” along with the response due date. By clicking the small blue arrow to the right left of the reviewer's name, you can examine an overview of the review details, email the reviewer updates, edit the reviewer's information, unassign the reviewer from the submission, and look at the status of the review. 


Once a reviewer completes their review, they will be permanently blocked from the submission dashboard and the rest of the editorial workflow. OJS 3 implements this to ensure the integrity of blind peer review. However, in cases where you may wish to implement a more informal review that consists of editors also acting as reviewers, you will need to utilize the Submission Dashboard's Discussion feature.