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After creating a review form, you should be able to see the new review form listed in the "Review Forms" box. By selecting the blue arrow to the right of the form's title, you will get a dropdown menu with the option to copy, preview, delete, and most importantly, edit your new review form. Select the "Edit" option in order to complete your review form.

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This will open the "Review Form" tab for this form. From this tab, you can title the form and add a description and instructions. Once you've completed the instructions, you will want to add items to the form. Click the "Form Items" tab. 


When you check the "Active" box on a review form, you will receive a reminder. It is important to remember that once an active review form has been assigned to a review, you cannot deactivate until the review process is completed. 

Review form activation confirmation.

You can assign active review forms during the review stage of the editorial workflow. Begin the process under the "Review" tab by selecting "Add Reviewer" and selecting the reviewer to whom you will send the form. This will take you to a box that allows you to choose what to send to the reviewer in your review request. At the bottom of this form you will find a "Review Form" drop down menu that will allow you to select the review form you want to send to the reviewer. After you select the review form, click "Add Reviewer" and a notification email will be sent to the reviewer.

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When your reviewer has completed their review and the review form, you will be able to view it by clicking "Read Review" in the "Reviewers" section of the review tab. 

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Deleting Review Forms
Deleting Review Forms


If you want to make changes to the review form after it has been assigned to an article, you can copy the existing form and create a new updated version.

Review forms box, showing menu options.

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