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  • Get a list of all workflow results satisfying the given query: POST /rest/workflow-results
  • Refresh the whole WorkflowResults table iteratively by retrieving and processing workflow invocations per primaryfile, unless the lumpsum mode is specified and true, in which case, retrieve and process all workflow invocations at once:                                                             POST  POST    /rest/workflow-results/refresh
  • Set the WorkflowResults matching the given list of workflow-step-output maps as relevant/irrelevant, and update their corresponding output datasets in Galaxy as visible/invisible accordingly.
    Note: if a wild card is used in a field of a search criteria map, then that criteria match all values of that field:  POST    /rest/workflow-results/relevant?relevant={relevant}
  • Sets the specified WorkflowResult according to the specified final status POST /rest/workflow-results/{id}?isFinal={isFinal}
  • Set and export workflow result csv file as part of response POST /rest/workflow-results/export