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  • Rachel Djesa - University of Tromsø (UiT)
  • Josh Westgard
  • Bertrand Amadou

Meeting Notes

  • Rachel shared the project she is looking to use Avalon for: a cross-institution, multinational repository for Visual Anthropology and Anthropology content. Over 300 videos are planned to be filmed, and the repository would also include these as well as unedited footage taken from productions. In addition, there are other researcher materials in their collections that they would like to make accessible. UiT IT is helping her set up, but ran into initial difficulties since they use Windows. Bertrand is a project member in Cameroon who is assisting on the technical side and was looking for advice on installing Avalon on Windows, or how to get up and running. Jon recommended installing using Docker if possible.
  • Josh's team is still actively working on a token-based download feature for their local Avalon instance. He mentioned sharing it at an upcoming roundtable meeting once this has finished development.