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  • general configuration overview
  • how to set up database connectionschange the database connection to MySQL
  • how to change the in-memory database location
  • how to save data during a reinstall or moving machines when using the in memory database
  • how to configure language list, including finding coded values
  • how to turn authentication on and enable the password field at login
  • how to modify the MODS -> DC stylesheet if necessary


By default, these files are placed in your user home directory, so that you are able to modify them. The user home directory can vary from machine to machine, but on Windows, the easiest way to find it is to open up a DOS window (Start->Run...->enter 'cmd' and hit enter) and type 'set' (no quotes) at the prompt and hit enter. You will see a list of environment variables in alphabetical order. Look for the one called USERPROFILE. The value is your home directory, e.g. C:\Users\username. In this directory will be a subdirectory called InHarmony. The InHarmony directory will contain the database files (inhdb*), the configuration file (InHarmony.conf), the stylesheet (mods_to_dc_transform.xsl) and the language list file (ISO-639-2_8859-1.txt) . The configuration file, stylesheet and language list file must stay in this directory. The database files may be moved, as described in a section below, to enable multiple users sharing the same machine to access the database.

Changing Database


Connection to MySQL

You will need to edit the configuration file, INHarmony.conf (see section on File location above). This file contains configuration parameters for the database connections. A default installation comes with hsql as the database, with these as the default values uncommented (the jdbcurl will default to your user home directory, but can be modified. See section on Changing Database Location below):

_ jdbcurl=jdbc:hsqldb:file:inhdb_
If you would like to switch to mysql, comment out the 'conntype=hsqldb' (using a # at the beginning of the line), and find and uncomment this line:

Then modify the jdbcurl, jdbcusername, and jdbcpassword values to reflect the settings at your institution. You will need to get these values from your DBA. They will look something like this: