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*The DLF Aquifer initiative is pleased to share with the digital library research community various products of our work that we believe will have use outside the project:*
*DLF Aquifer is Pleased to offer* *[*American Social History Online*|]* *through generous support from* *[*The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation*|]*
* *[*Metadata Working Group Public Documents*|DLF Aquifer Public Metadata Documents]*
** h5h6. Guidelines
** [Digital Library Federation / Aquifer Implementation Guidelines for Shareable Metadata|^DLFMODS_ImplementationGuidelines.pdf] and [release notes|], describing how MODS should be used for sharing metadata for use in the Aquifer initiative 
** [MODS Guidelines Levels of Adoption], connecting recommendations from the _Guidelines_ to functions the Aquifer initiative would like to support 
** [FAQ for MODS Guidelines Implementers] 
** [Data Processing for Aquifer Records|Data Processing for Aquifer Records] 
** h5h6. Tools
** [MARC to Aquifer MODS XSLT Stylesheet] 
** [MODS Asset Action Explorer|] 
** h5h6. Reports
** [DLF Aquifer Metadata Institutional Survey Report|]
** [Report on MODS Levels of Adoption Conformance Across Repositories|] 
** [Future Directions in Metadata Remediation for Metadata Aggregators|] 
** h5h6. Background and Draft Notes
** [ContentDM to Aquifer MODS]
** [EAD to Aquifer MODS]
** [Zotero to Aquifer MODS]

* *[*Technology Working Group Public Documents*|DLF Aquifer Public Technology and Architecture Documents]*
** [Technology/Architecture Policies and Principles|DLF Aquifer Public Technology and Architecture Documents^TWGpolprin.pdf]
** [Framework for implementation|DLF Aquifer Public Technology and Architecture Documents^Aquifer_Framework_v7.pdf]
*** [Framework Figure 1|DLF Aquifer Public Technology and Architecture Documents^Aquifer_Framework-Figure_1_v9.pdf]
*** [Framework Figure 2|DLF Aquifer Public Technology and Architecture Documents^Aquifer_Framework-Figure_2_v7.pdf]
** [Architecture Overview|^PortalArchitectureOverview.pdf]
** [Database Diagram|^DBDiagram.gif]
** [Asset Action Project]
* *[Services Working Group Public Documents]*
* *[Presentations and Workshops]*
** [DLF Fall Forum 2008 Workshop on MODS and Asset Actions]
* *[Links to Additional Resources]*
** Log a bug or feature request on our [Sourceforge|] account
** [Glossary of Terms, Aquifer Context|^GlossaryVersion7x.pdf]
** Aquifer Blogs
*** [Aquifer Group|]
*** [Kat Hagedorn|]
*** [Susan Harum|]
*** [Chick Markley|]
DLF Aquifer is a [Digital Library Federation|]initiative. Our purpose is to promote effective use of distributed digital library content for teaching, learning, and research in the area of American culture and life. We support scholarly discovery and access by:
* Developing schemas, protocols and communities of practice to make digital content available to scholars and students where they do their work
* Developing the best possible systems for finding, identifying and using digital resources in context by:
** promoting digital library best practices and
** developing tools and services to improve digital resource access and use.
The Digital Library Federation (DLF) is testing a model for transitioning products and services from development to sustainability with DLF Aquifer. The attached [prospectus|American Social History Online^AquiferProspectus.pdf]describes Aquifer products and services and outlines a process for organizations to work with DLF to assume responsibility for elements of DLF Aquifer that fit with their strategic goals. Information about levels of resources required to continue the services and possibilities for future development are also included in the prospectus.
DLF will host a question and answer session for interested parties on Thursday, November 13th at DLF Forum. For more information, contact:
Katherine Kott
DLF Aquifer Director
1450 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
650 725-1067