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  • The object must have a valid DLP Identifier.
  • Any media files in the object must adhere to the Filename Requirements for Digital Objects.
  • The date the object was created (in the repository) must be recorded.The object must have a valid Object Status.
  • The (item-level) object must belong to a collection. Even if the object is referenced in multiple collections, it will have a single "primary" collection that is referenced by its DLP Identifier.
  • The object must indicate an owner. The owner is an individual, department, or institution that is responsible for maintaining the object's access policies. The owner of an object will typically be specified at the collection level, but item-level owners will be needed for some collections.The object's owner must intend for the object to be retained for a long time. "Temporary" objects are not allowed, and should be handled by some other means.

Other requirements will differ depending on object type.

Open questions

  1. What status levels do we need for adequate tracking of objects in the repository?
  2. Should we develop a METS profile that represents our minimum requirements?
  3. What are our policies regarding removal of objects from the repository?