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Minimum requirements for an object to be allowed into the repository

There are very few requirements Requirements for objects to be entered into the repository:

  • The object must have a valid DLP Identifier.
  • Any media files in the object must adhere to the Filename Requirements for Digital Objects.
  • The object must adhere to the Minimum Object Metadata standards.
  • Each collection-level object must have established Collection Policies.
  • Each item-level object must belong to a collection. Even if the object is referenced in multiple collections, it will have a single "primary" collection that is referenced by its DLP Identifier.
  • The object's owner must intend for the object to be retained for a long time. "Temporary" objects are not allowed, and should be handled by some other means.

Requirements for "interchange" objects (objects we are storing as a backup to another repository):

  • All of the above requirements must be met.
  • The originating repository must agree to our level of commitments.

Other requirements will differ depending on object type:

Commitments we make for objects in the repository:

  • For objects of our preferred types (need to define these), we will maintain the bits and migrate the objects to new formats.
  • For objects of non-preferred types, we will maintain the bits.