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Provides a basic set of functions (viewTOC, viewHeader, viewChunk) for viewing a transcription of a text that is marked up using XML, not necessarily in TEI.  There is an assumption that the markup includes at least rudimentary structural definition.  These functions provide a means to: obtain a summary view of the logical units of content contained within a text (a table of contents), obtain a view of any descriptive or explanatory information contained in the document header of the text, and obtain a view of any individual logical unit of content contained within a text.

Function Type: text/html 


Returns a logical table of contents for a text as valid X/HTML.  The table of contents contains actionable URLs for each unit of content of a text.  These URLs are fully formed calls to viewChunk (see below).This logical table of contents is essentially the entry point to a text as it lists all accessible units of content (chunks) and embeds the appropriate actionable URL call to viewChunk to retrieve a particular unit of content.