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  1. Download schematron-report-xml.xsl and skeleton1-5.xsl; save in the same directory
  2. If necessary, follow the steps listed above to create a new Schematron document; otherwise, can make any edits to pre-existing Schematron document
  3. Transform the Schematron document (.sch) with schematron-report-xml.xsl; save the result as schematron.xsl
  4. Transform an XML instance document with resolvens.xsl (if the file uses namespaces); save the result as an XML file
    1. resolvens.xsl only needs to be used for collections with certain namespaces
      1. if processing the file with resolvens.xsl causes errors that inhibit steps 5-7, try skipping this step (step 4)
  5. Transform the new XML file with schematron.xsl; save the result as an XML file
  6. Transform the new XML file with schematron-xml2html-report.xsl; save the result as an HTML file
  7. Open the HTML file in browser