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Fedora 2.2 was released in January 2007 with a minor update to version 2.2.1 in August 2007.

Official Documentation

Upgrade to 2.2.1

2.2.1 is a bug fix release. Instructions to upgrade a 2.2 repository to 2.2.1 can be found on this page
Development Fedora on rhyme has been updated to this version
Production Fedora on thalia has not been updated yet

Migration to 2.2

The Fedora 2.2 installer can use the existing data of the Fedora 2.1.1 installation directly. The steps below refer to locations of the data of our 2.1.1 installation on Rhyme and Thalia. Fedora 2.1.1 distribution included a standalone Tomcat specifically for Fedora. In Fedora 2.2, this restriction has been removed and Fedora 2.2 runs with a standard Tomcat 5 and possibly with Tomcat 6.

  • Make sure there are no pending urgent ingests for the old repository. Ingests can resume after migration is fully complete and the new repository is tested and functional. The whole process should take 1-2 full.
  • Duplicate the Fedora database
    • The existing database is on, user Fedora
    • The new user/schema for Fedora 2.2 will preferably be named "fedora" after migration is over
    • Set environment var NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8
    • To export use: exp fedora/xxx@iudluprod file=fedora-prod.dmp log=fedora-prod.log
    • To import use: imp fedora22/xxx@iudluprod file=fedora-prod.dmp fromuser=fedora touser=fedora22
  • Duplicate the Fedora file system that is currently in /fedora directory
    • Not all files in /fedora needs to be duplicated
  • Follow the Upgrade and Migration Guide and Installation and Configuration Guide to install 2.2
  • Modify the configuration options
  • Set up the security/access control system
  • Rebuild the resource index (this step is not necessary per the upgrade documentation)
  • Test access to existing objects
  • Check access control/security options
  • Test ingest
  • Modify all existing FOXML files to turn datastream versions on. Run this hack in the /fedora/objects directory:
    • find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/VERSIONABLE=\"false\"/VERSIONABLE=\"true\"/g' '{}' \;
  • Modify the applications that use the repository (probably only the PurlResolver configuration will need to be changed)
  • Turn off the old repository if everything went well

Open questions

  • Should we have a standalone Tomcat installation just for Fedora in addition to other Tomcat instances that might be running on the same machine?
    • We decided to go with the default web application server to reduce complexity. So, we'll have only one instance of Tomcat running on the production fedora server