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Known Problems - 5.0.4

Wav markers do not import properly in the Import Tracks window

There is a bug in the library Variations uses to read wav files. Replacing jhove.jar and jhove-module.jar in C:/Program Files/Variations/Client/lib/metadata_external/ on digitizer clients with the attached versions will fix this problem.


Previous/Next Year links on statistics page do not work

There is a bug in the statistics page script, /home/dmlserv/public_html/stats/viewStats.cgi. This can be fixed by applying the attached patch.

Code Block

patch -l /home/dmlserv/public_html/stats/viewStats.cgi viewStats.cgi.yearlink.patch

Containers with derivative files with uppercase characters fail to play

There is a bug where derivative files are forced to lowercase in the MediaObject record, but will ingest properly if uppercase. This causes a problem when trying to play the container because the file is not found. A workaround is to always make sure Wav files and derivative files are named using lowercase only.

Admin search does not return records with diacritics

Sometimes an admin Contributor or Creator/Work search will not return a record that has diacritics. This problem is due to the fact that the diacritic is "decomposed" meaning that the letter and diacritic are actually two characters instead of one even though they render as one. One way to fix this problem is to edit the record and replace the letter and diacritic with one from the Diacritic window, which can be opened by pressing F2 when a text field has focus.

Digitizer window hangs on save when derivative file is truncated

If the derivative file uploaded to the Variations server is truncated, the save process may cause the digitizer window to hang. This is due to the mp4creator process getting stuck and never terminating. The faulty derivative files should be replaced with newly created derivatives. If Variations is acting up as a result of this problem, a restart should clear it up.

Extra end-user configuration needed for Firefox MIME type associations

The Mac installation instructions tell the user to teach Firefox to open Variations files with Variations. This involves searching for the location of Variations. This can be avoided by adding the MIME type to the application bundle's Info.plist file. Modify Info.plist to appear like the following one (the changes are in the CFBundleDocumentTypes array): Info.plist

Import Tracks MusicBrainz Source always fails