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The IU Digital Library Infrastructure Project

The general goal of the Infrastructure Project is to simplify and centralize the basic activities of the DLP, with a focus on the activities of collection creation and collection maintenance.

The major areas of concern for the Infrastructure Project are:




Specific goals include:

  1. Build a centralized repository system
    1. Support federated search
    2. Create a repository preservation system
  2. Build tools for creating collections in the repository
    1. General-purpose cataloging tool
      • Move IN Harmony cataloging into Fedora (is a functional requirement?)
    2. General-purpose validation system
    3. General-purpose ingest system
    4. General-purpose delivery system
  3. Move existing collections into the repository
    1. Get rid of IBM Content Manager
      1. Move Hohenberger (media content only)
      2. Move U.S. Steel (media content only)
      3. Move Hoagy (media content only)
    2. Get rid of DLXS
      1. Implement search/browse in the repository
    3. "Fix" DIDO
    4. Move all other collections
  4. Improve end-user interaction with our collections
    1. Move collections to JPEG2000?
  5. Build tools for maintaining collections in the repository

The Infrastructure Project Schedule summarizes our current plans to achieve these goals.

Useful documentation to support the project:

Pages that need to be placed elsewhere:

We may also expand the project to include:

  • Finding aids
  • Web sites