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This template should be added to the project page on the wiki for any project involving text encoding, whether in-house or outsourced. For more information, see the Workflow for TEI Encoding Projects.

For outsourced projects, encoded files will be downloaded by the Digital Media Specialist and recorded on the DMIC QC Template. It is not necessary to note the individual problems encountered with each file if re-encoding or correcting as part of the QC workflow, but there should be a space on the project page(s) to list common problems encountered. If QC is being run as a batch process, or as a discrete step before correction, note the results of the validation (or manual QC) in the template, or attach the Schematron report to the page and link to it.

Files: e.g. euterpe/digitize/IndianaAuthors (location of downloaded files, repeat if necessary)



Schematron validation complete

Manual QC complete


VAA5555-001 - VA5555-320 (Porter, Girl of the Limberlost)




VAA5555-250 - VAA5555-264

6/22/07 (Date ranges failed validation)