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Known Problems - 5.0.2

Access pages for multi recording containers have incorrect offsets

Access pages with more than one recording have incorrect offsets in the v2x links. A workaround is to open the generated access page xml file in /home/dmlserv/content/access/audio/ and rearrange the OrderedMediaObject list so that the MO tags are in order according to your filename scheme. This will be fixed in the next Variations release.

Weekly statistics cron job fails with error

The weekly statistics cron job does not run and sends the following error:

Code Block

/bin/sh: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'
/bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file

To fix this, edit your crontab by running crontab -e and editing the last line to be:

Code Block

30 0 * * 1 ~/bin/ /home/dmlserv/bin/ NORNS_PRODUCTION /home/dmlserv/log/ui_session.log.`date --date="last week" +\%Y-\%W` > /home/dmlserv/log/stats-weekly.log cron job fails with error

The cron job fails with the following error:

Code Block

ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 1: Table 'NORNS_PRODUCTION.container' doesn't exist
/home/dmlserv/bin/ line 58: /bin/ No such file or directory

This can be fixed by editing the ending lines in bin/ to be:

Code Block

    delete from $TARGET.Container where sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.Container);
    delete from $TARGET.InstantiationIDSequence where e_sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.Instantiation);
    delete from $TARGET.Instantiation where sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.Instantiation);
    delete from $TARGET.Work where sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.Work);
    delete from $TARGET.MediaObjectIDSequence where e_sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.MediaObject);
    delete from $TARGET.MediaObject where sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.MediaObject);
    delete from $TARGET.ContributionSequence where e_contributorRef_sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.Contributor);
    delete from $TARGET.Contributor where sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.Contributor);
    delete from $TARGET.Entity where sql_id not in (select sql_id from $MASTER.Entity);
# Flush the server caches so deleted items no longer appear in search results
${VARIATIONS_HOME}/bin/ $TARGET invalidate all

Playlist menu separators on File and Bookmarks menus don't share playlist background color on Windows.


The realm drop down box appears in the user login window when the server has more than one AuthenticationScheme configuration for a given protocol. A fix for this is to use the label attribute in the AuthenticationScheme tag. See Administrator's Guide - Authentication - 5.0.7#Server Configuration for instructions on using the label attribute.


After importing track timings from a CD using the Import Tracks dialog, the container structure track labels appear as "rack 1." instead of "Track 1. " To fix records in question, open the Container record from the Admin tab. Select the Container Structure tab and fix the track labels individually by adding a space after the period and clicking the Update button. For example, "Track 1." would become "Track 1. ".

Scores may not print on Macs

Printing score pages (with or without annotations) may come out as blank pages due to a problem with memory management. There is no known workaround at the moment.

User Guide and other other web page links within Variations do not launch under Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard)

On Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) when the Variations application tries to launch a web page, either as a result of a link or menu item, the page will only display if the default web browser is already running. Therefore, the workaround to this problem is to make sure the default browser is running when using Variations.

On Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) help menu search returns results unrelated to Variations

Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) has a search embedded in the help menu of every application. This search returns links to menu items within Variations and links to non-Variations help documentation. Currently, Variations does not make use of the Mac OSX help documentation features. This results in Apple's default functionality which is to return any help documentation results in the help menu search. There is no workaround.

Apple Key-Space keystroke does not pause Variations player on Mac OSX

On Mac OSX, Apple Key-Space causes Mac Spotlight search to open and does not cause the Variations player to pause playback. does not work on the Variations server

Running bin/ from dmlserv's home directory as dmlserv will fail due to missing configuration in conf/client/dml.conf. To fix this, copy the following name/value pairs from conf/server/dmlserver.xml:

Code Block

<SystemProperty name="dml.z3950.Container.enabled">true</SystemProperty>
<SystemProperty name=""></SystemProperty>
<SystemProperty name="dml.z3950.Container.port">2200</SystemProperty>
<SystemProperty name="dml.z3950.Container.database">Unicorn</SystemProperty>
<SystemProperty name="">any</SystemProperty>

conf/client/dml.conf should then look like the following regarding these properties:

Code Block


Z39.50 connections are not being closed automatically

Z39.50 connections made by the digitizer clients and the server are being left to time out instead of being explicitly closed. There is no workaround.

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