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McEvoy Photographs

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Metadata cleanup needed

  • Many subjects begin with three-digit numbers. These should be only words.
  • Subjects need extensive cleanup. Not all from TGM I. Capitalization inconsistent, plural/singular inconsistent. Both of these things need to come from the form used in TGM I. May need to verify all terms actually come from TGM.
  • Some genres in topic field. Should we add a genre field for these collections?
  • Titles in general need to be cleaned up. They're inconsistent with regards to capitalization, and some are misspelled or have typos (e.g., "path in forrest", "Group of men, women and children posing infront of hut", "Groupf of people dancing in different areas of village").
  • (question) Physical box numbers in "labeled" field - move to something else?
  • VAB6943-0035 and VAB6943-0001 - persons pictured = "black male"