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Known Problems - 5.0.7

Kerberos authentication fails for Active Directory 2008

Using Active Directory 2008 for Kerberos authentication in Variations fails because of a change in the supported encodings. There are two workarounds for this: allow DES encoding in Active Directory or upgrade to Java 6 on the Variations server (this could be done as part of an upgrade to Variations 6.0). See Microsoft's KB article about this issue: If upgrading to Java 6, note that the default encoding lines in krb5.conf will need to be removed and the fix for access pages described in a known problem below will also need to be applied.

Variations data files (e.g., v2t, v2p) won't open from Outlook Web Access

User-generated Variations data files, such as v2t files for timelines or v2p files for playlists, appear to download from Outlook Web Access email, but the files are empty and will not open. It appears to be an issue with Outlook Web Access on Exchange Server where it filters out all xml content of attachments with unknown file type extensions. Thus Variations files are downloaded but are empty.

Some possible fixes to request from your Exchange Server administrator are given below.

If it is not possible to fix Exchange for the Variations file types (v2a, v2p, v2t, v2x), then possible workarounds besides using a different mail system include zipping the files before attaching them to
emails. Simple renaming will not work because the xml content will probably still be stripped from the downloaded file.

Access Page generation fails on servers using 1.5 or higher JRE

Variations servers using a 1.5 or higher JRE will see errors when saving records and generating access pages due to a change in classes bundled with the JRE. A solution to this is to replace lib/jafer-client.jar with this version on your Variations server. Restart the Variations server application to pick up this new library.

Variations may crash on Macs when starting to play audio

On some Macs with running OS X 10.5.7 or higher10.5.8, Variations will sometimes crash when starting to play a recording. This appears to be due to an IP address being used instead of a fully qualified domain name in the the rtsp url used to stream the recording. A solution is to make sure that the value of dml.leases.rtspurl in conf/server/dmlscript.conf on the server contains the proper hostname and not an IP. This bug does not appear  The Apple networking bug that caused the problem is fixed in Snow Leopard (10.6).

Saving a recording fails when there is a directory in the incoming directory