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This page holds general requirements that affect delivery systems for all types of collections. Specific types of collections (like art images) may have more requirements.

Functional requirements

  1. Wiki Markup\[Want\] Objects are always referenced by PURLs.unmigrated-wiki-markup
  2. \[Must\] All objects are "Googleable". That is, objects are always referenced by URLs that
    are simple enough to be indexed by Googlebot. \ [Want\] These URLs are PURLs.unmigrated-wiki-markup
  3. \[Must\] Collections are available through an OAI provider.unmigrated-wiki-markup
  4. \[Want\] Collections are accessible to the RLG Cultural Materials Initiative, DLF Aquifer,
    and other large-scale federated systems.unmigrated-wiki-markup
  5. \[Must\] All existing PURLs continue to work.unmigrated-wiki-markup
  6. \[Want\] There is a shopping cart and/or bookmarking system that allows users to
    return to selected items at a later time. unmigrated-wiki-markup
  7. \[Want\] Reproductions of selected items may be purchased.
  8. Wiki Markup\[Must\] Tools for delivery are shared across collections as much as
    possible, while allowing for arbitrary customization of the interface.