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On some Macs running OS X 10.5.7 or 10.5.8, Variations will sometimes crash when starting to play a recording. This appears to be due to an IP address being used instead of a fully qualified domain name in the the rtsp url used to stream the recording. A solution is to make sure that the value of dml.leases.rtspurl in conf/server/dmlscript.conf on the server contains the proper hostname and not an IP.  The Apple networking bug that caused the problem is fixed in Snow Leopard (10.6).

Saving a recording fails when there is a directory in the incoming directory

If there are any subdirectories in the incoming directory (/home/dmlserv/content/loader/audio/incoming/), then trying to save a recording container will fail if there are media files to process. The only workaround to this is removal of the subdirectories.

Containers with derivative files with uppercase characters fail to play

There is a bug where derivative files are forced to lowercase in the MediaObject record, but will ingest properly if uppercase. This causes a problem when trying to play the container because the file is not found. A workaround is to always make sure Wav files and derivative files are named using lowercase only.

Digitizer window hangs on save when derivative file is truncated

If the derivative file uploaded to the Variations server is truncated, the save process may cause the digitizer window to hang. This is due to the mp4creator process getting stuck and never terminating. The faulty derivative files should be replaced with newly created derivatives. If Variations is acting up as a result of this problem, a restart should clear it up.

Playlist menu separators on File and Bookmarks menus don't share playlist background color on Windows.