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Often in prose texts you may encounter an "embedded" or floating text in the form of a letter, poem, journal entry, song, etc. Floating texts such as these have a complete structure that interrupts the flow of the main text that require the use of the <floatingText> tag. For example, letters and journal entries (see detailed description below have an opener and body; letters usually have closers, and a poem may be quoted in its entirety, with a title, epigraph, etc. In the case where a verse from a poem is excerpted, it is not necessary to represent the verse as a floating text.

Floating texts are contained within a division of text (see example below) and may have one of the following division types (e.g., <div type="letter">):

  • letter
  • poem
  • journal
  • song

If you encounter another genre, do not assign a "type" attribute. Please document this in the VWWP Encoding Problems page for review and later designation.

  • Chapter with a letter
Code Block
<div type="chapter">
<pb xml:id="VAA2383_126" n="118"/>
     <head type="main">CHAPTER XIV</head>
     <head type="subtitle">MAURICE LEVY'S CONSTITUTION</head>
       <p><hi rend="b">L</hi>O, SAM!" said Maurice cautiously. "What you doin'?"</p>
       <p>Penrod at that instant had a singular experiencean intellectual shock like a flash 
       of fire in the brain. Sitting in darkness, a great light flooded him with wild brilliance. He   
   <!--Text removed from example-->        
       <p>"What you doin'?" asked Maurice for the third time, Sam Williams not having decided upon a     
<pb xml:id="VAA2383_127" n="119"/>
       <p>It was Penrod who answered.</p>
       <p>"Drinkin' lickrish water," he said simply, and wiped his mouth with such delicious enjoyment 
       that Sam's jaded thirst was instantly stimulated. He took the bottle eagerly from Penrod.</p>
       <p>"A-a-h!" exclaimed Penrod, smacking his lips. "That was a good un!"</p>
   <!--Text removed from example-->
       <p>Penrod uttered some muffled words and then waved both armseither in response or as an   
       expression of his condition of mind; it may have been a gesture of despair. How much intention 
       there was in this actobviously so rash, considering the position he occupiedit is impossible to 
       say. Undeniably there must remain a suspicion of deliberate purpose.</p>
   <!--Text removed from example-->
<pb xml:id="VAA2383_138" n="130"/>
       <p>The damsel curtsied again and handed him the following communication, 
       addressed to herself: </p>
            <div type="letter">
                <p>Dear madam Please excuse me from dancing the cotilo with you
                    this afternoon as I have fell off the barn.</p>
                    <salute>Sincerly yours</salute>
                    <signed><hi rend="sc">Penrod Schofield.</hi></signed>