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Google v. Apple v. Adobe, Standards



  • Google
    Google YouTube support for HTML 5 and .webm
    WebM format (VP8 video and Vorbis audio)
    Google purchased On2 Technologies (developers of VP8) and irrevocably released all of its patents on VP8 as a royalty-free format
    Concerns about submarine patents related to video technologies


  • Preservation Formats
    Uncompressed YUV 10 bit 4:2:2 (WGBH uses 8 bit)
    Library of Congress uses Motion JPEG 2000
    How to ensure sustainability?
    Media migration policy is important
    Support for 4K, 3D in the future?

Organizational Collaboration Discussion

The discussion focused on the successful experiences with open source projects that the various attendees had.  The Hydra project and several aspects of it were described: it was very successful in a short (two-year) time span with no grant.  The primary stakeholders had decided that to succeed they would need to focus on compromise, yet each party would still need to see proper value for their time and effort. After the initial successful push more formal governance structures were implemented to set further priorities.

Other factors discussed were: 

  • Creating strong personal bonds between the participants
  • Resources needed to be free from other responsibilities (at least truly reflect the commitment, i.e. 50% commitment means 20 real hours/week)
  • Sponsorship of any level is a tough sell ($2000/per year contribution is still tough to sell)

Copyright and Licensing Discussion

We talked about risk management; difficulty of licensing of media acquisition in the future; constraints that rights holders are dealing with; perpetual licensing; sharing practices, developing community practices has potential for us.