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This is intended as a public summary of our meeting. When it is made public, this note will be removed.

October 5/6 Project Participant Meeting: Background

The Variations on Video Planning Grant planning grant specified this meeting as one of it's key activities:


Participants were given a pre-meeting reading list and a usage scenario assignment (doc). The initial meeting agenda was publicly posted.


Slides PDFs of slides presented at the meeting are linked below. For a more up-to-date version of some of these slides, along with a slide-based summary of the meeting, review the slides from our EDUCAUSE 2010 presentation (PDF).

Usage Scenario Discussions

Scenarios available for review as PDF files are:

Discussions around the usage scenarios were used to generate a lists of user-centered requirements. This list serves as an initial, unprioritized collection of usage-grounded requirements. The document also includes a list of possible requirements that didn't emerge from our scenarios as well as a list of product concept alternatives that offer focus for a subset of the requirements.


At dinner the first night of the meetings, we held a working dinner where three tables each had moderated discussion of a particular topic. Notes from these discussions are available.

Technical Breakout Session


Breakout Sessions

On day 2, there were two breakout sessions.

Wrap-Up and Next Steps

  • Develop product concepts from these modules identified by the breakout sessions
  • Continue broader discussions through presentations and discussions at conferences
    • Educause conference birds of a feather meeting will be held after survey data talk
    • DLF Forum presentation
    • AMIA
  • We want a collaborative group of institutions to invest in development for VoV. The full IMLS grant is due February 2011 (partnership should be solidified from now until the end of November).
  • Levels of involvement:
    1. Full-fledged development partner (user-experience design/quality assurance/programming/development)
    2. Test/deploy/experiment/provide feedback on our initial designs (lesser resource requirement level)
  • A meeting for development partners will be held at Northwestern in December