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The Variations Web Services are required to run the Variations Web UI and/or the Variations Access Manager.

Perform the following steps as the tomcat user.

  • As root, "su - tomcat"

Download the Variations Web Services war file.
To download the file,


Code Block
cp variations-ws-server.war /usr/localshare/tomcattomcat6/webapps/

Then copy needed files outside of the webapp directory:

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mkdir /usr/local/tomcat/confetc/tomcat6/variations-ws-server/
cp /usr/localshare/tomcattomcat6/webapps/variations-ws-server/WEB-INF/conf/config.xml /usretc/local/tomcattomcat6/conf/variations-ws-server/
cp /usr/localshare/tomcattomcat6/webapps/variations-ws-server/WEB-INF/conf/accessPolicy-ws.xml /usr/local/tomcat/confetc/tomcat6/variations-ws-server/



Once all configuration has been done, then restart tomcat:


sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat6 restart

Check that the webapp has loaded properly by browsing to is replaced by the fully-qualified domain name of your Variations web server.

Note that the first time you try this URL, you may have to accept a security certificate and enter the user name and password you specified with the wsconsumer role in ~tomcat/etc/conftomcat6/tomcat-users.xml. The URL should return an xml document with metadata for a recording (you may have to view the page source to see the full document depending on how your browser displays xml).