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Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM):

  • Type of collection: Learning objects that serve education communities (pre-school, K-12, higher education, vocational and technical training, and lifelong learning). These materials require classification criteria special to the education community, such as education level of the target audience, pedagogical methodology, and standards alignment.
  • Appropriate metadata standard: Dublin Core Metadata Element Set 1.1 as extended in GEM profile
  • Example collection: NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory <> (From each item view, click "More Information" to see GEM metadata.)
  • Resources to consult: GEM 2.0 Elements and Semantics <>; Indiana Humanities Council Smart Desktop metadata profile <>.
  • Usage notes: Both GEM metadata element set and SDI metadata profile are based on Qualified Dublin Core. GEM element set and profile includes 7 additional elements with detailed qualifiers. Local institute can create qualifiers or metadata elements to meet special request of the local audience and collection, although this practice reduces the interoperability of the metadata created. However, dropping elements from the GEM element set is usually less a problem. One-on-one assistance for those who want to create GEM metadata is available at <>; emerging SDI Application Profile <>, still in working draft status, suggests best practices with respect to the usage of GEM element set.