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W3C Media Fragment is being used here to specify the start/end time and the spatial area of interest (bubble note)

Code Block
 <rdf:Description rdf:about=",83,240,135&amp;t=npt:0,5">

Placement of the "bubbles" are relative to the video size

Code Block
<exif:width rdf:datatype="">480</exif:width>
<exif:height rdf:datatype="">270</exif:height> 

If the video is rendered at a different size then the bubbles will have to be resized / re-placed accordingly.

With RDF annotations, it's possible to fetch annotation resource from a different location. For example: overlaying a Flickr image on top of a video.

With Constrained Targets, it's also possible to do complex annotations like a polygon or an SVG. See list of known constraints.

The OAC file is fetched via AJAX and turned into Javascript objects using a custom library. Annotations are then overlaid on top of the video using our video player.